Winter skinny-jeans trend 2

Winter skinny-jeans trend

Winter skinny-jeans trend

Probably a few months ago, who would have thought that cropped, straight-leg or ankle length flare jeans could be overtaken by something else. Now, as many brands have launched the old school fashion from 80’s and 90’s and that has made its way to one of the most favourites. We are always comfortable in jeans. Skinny jeans are the must-to-have. It gets along with almost anything, be it a crop top, off-shoulders shirt, ruffles, flares, and for the eastern, long kameez(shirt). This winter season is bringing for you a variety of skinny-jeans trends from which a few are brought back in the light from the past.


Goodbye, mom  jeans

Goodbye, mom jeans 2

Vogue has brought into light the goodbye mom jeans and these are the rare ones. You may have worn ankle high flare jeans or bell-bottoms that only cover your till your ankle or a little high, but these jeans go below the ankle and one may have to wear heels with it. These are loose and therefore, very comfortable. Jeans are that one piece we wear regardless of the season.




High-waisted jeans

High-waisted jeans

Don’t like hip-hanging or low belly jeans, no problem, high-waisted jeans are to you rescue. These are one of the most awesome pair to wear, especially if you have well-defined or curvy figure. These type of jeans are preferably worn with crop tops and flared one, as these jeans define your every curve beautifully. These also look fabulous with a fitted shirt on a curvy body especially.


Wide-leg jeans

wide-leg jeans 3

These jeans are the best choice if you don’t want to wear not-so-tight but still we well-fitted. These type of jeans are not preferred over skinny jeans though but they have their own statement and style. Not every type of body is made for these type of jeans so keep in mind your body type when buying these any type of jeans.


Flared jeans

Flared jeans

Another one to add flare to your outfit is the flared jeans. These have made a comeback to the most wanted jeans now and they are so in trend this winter. These are available in a little flare to a lot of flares, from calf-length to the knee-length flares. These jeans are mostly wore with tight shirts or well-fitted ones.

Sporty jeans


To flaunt in jeans goes beyond the classic or routine jeans. It’s made up of French terry fabric and it feels like the sweatpants and are very comfortable. It seems like these type of jeans are going to stay for a few seasons as they are being loved everywhere. These are also very soft.


Beige and White jeans


When talking about jeans, white jeans can never be avoided. These are the tricky ones to wear and these white colored jeans can’t be worn on just any type of body. Beige is a new addition to the family of white jeans and these also getting so much popularity. These are available in a few different fabrics to choose from. These add up to your figure a stand out look and makes you look bold as not a lot dare to wear white.


Striped jeans


One more type of jeans that not a lot of people dare to wear. It makes you, once again, stand out in the crowd and makes you look even more stylish. These are mostly worn by people who are shorter in height or have a curvy figure. These gives the illusion of slim and long legs and