Fashion trends keep on changing with the change in season. Scorching sun heat or freezing snow both has huge influence on fashion styles and themes. In summers one can play with floral print sundresses and sparkly flip flops. But Ohh, winter is the time of year in which furry coats, funky sweaters and boots become essentials of the wardrobe. Looking fashionable along keeping oneself warm is really a thing to work on in frigid temperature. Here are few key styles that are most prevalent this winter and can upgrade your fashion statement.

Animal Print Coats and Jackets

It big yes to animal prints this winter. Zebra and leopard print coats are seen as new favourites of every leading designer. To instantly level up your fashion style this winters, one can play with animal patterned faux coats, leopard print cardi coats, overcoats or leopard wrap coats. Pairing animal print coats with different scarves and ankle boots can give you a fashionable look. Layering these coats and jackets with jeans, t-shirts, chunky sweaters and trousers can be a way of getting cool complements. In short, making animal prints part of wardrobe is instant way to glam up you outlook this season.

Turtleneck Dresses

Opting for turtleneck dresses is a clever and elegant way to end up your struggle to stay warm this winter. Putting together knit turtleneck with a pair of jeans or for minimal look wearing plain turtle neck sweaters with black or blue jean is the easiest way to incorporate turtleneck style in everyday outfits. Layering turtleneck sweater mini dresses or draped turtleneck dresses with long coats keeps you off from the chillness of winters. Styling turtleneck blouses with denim or leather pants is away to give jolt of energy to your attire.

Funky Puffer Jackets

Whether it’s cropped puffer jacket, Paten puffer jacket or oversized puffer coat all are trending this year. Pairing funky puffer coats with skinny jeans is a way to add fun and style to your looks .Floral puffer coats are the talk of the town this winter. If you are admirer of street style dressing than go for different patterned puffer coats with skinny jeans, people will surely try to copy your style. If you are lover of puffers you can mix and match them with floral frocks, knitted dresses or denim skirts to look awfully fashionable. These funky jackets not only save you from ice-cold weather but also allow you to look awesome.

Metallic Outfits

Metallic outfits are easy way out to assemble glamorous and stylish look. Impending gloom of winters can be ward off by adding metallic dresses to wardrobe. Silver, gold, glittery and sparkle dresses should all be on your shopping list if you want to elevate your fashion style this winter. Metallic skirts and metallic sheath dress paired with nice high heel boots can provide alluring look to rock a party in your friend circle. Wearing sparkly sequin blouses or shirts with miniskirts or jeans can add spice to your looks.