Street Fashion Trends 2020

Street Fashion Trends 2020

The street fashion is known as the way to style yourself individually not only focusing on the latest trends and fashion. In street style approach, people show their multiple ways of styling. This is a way to integrate different styles into your own personality. This shows a creativity of individual to demonstrate his/her unique fashion. A street fashion is an excellent manner to exhibit one’s identity. Street style tells us much about everyday fashion. If you want to know what is in; you need to see what is in trend, in the fashion show we see on the streets each day.

An American photographer Bill Cunningham; who worked for the New York Times, remarked that street style is a unique collection of common person’s outfits. He explained that fashion is very much based on the street styles. He called it the best fashion show we can see.

Street style tremendously changes the manner each fashion is started and inspired. This is an immediate, viral, and famous feature of fashion. The popularity and fame of every trend depends on the street style. While styling yourself for winter 2020 look at the street trends to have a modern, elegant and up to date appearance. There are certain street trends which will be common this fall.

Checkered Blazer and Shoulder Pad

Checkered Blazer and Shoulder Pad 1

This fall 90’s fashion trend is back with a fusion of 80’s fashion in addition. A noticeable feature of 80’s fashion, a power blazer with shoulder cuffs is going to be new street fashion trend. You can buy a checked blazer along with shoulder pads and wear it with skinny jeans. Heels will go perfect with this outfit.

Trouser with side strips

Trouser with side strips 2

You can opt for side striped trousers this fall as fashion shows and magazines started the fashion for these trousers. They will be a popular style in the streets this winter. You should try side striped trousers to give a flattering and stylish look. These trousers give a beautiful effect to legs making them appear longer. They look perfect in darker shades.



Designers and dressers made it easier for you to rock the evening by wearing your ski sweaters. You can wear your jumpers and sweaters in the evening events rather than keeping them for your casual wear only. You can choose from range of different styles and colors to be eye-catching at any event. The sweaters with different knitting and logos on shoulders and neck look absolutely gorgeous. You can wear these sweaters at any occasion.


Dots 1

During the summer, street style focus was on polka dots. This style will also be popular in the winter season also. Up sized dots will be the focus of dressing.  With lustrous and artistic tone, polka dots add a little more fun to your dressing. Dots design is a classy one which never looks odd.


velvet 1

Velvet fabric is the usual attribute of winter season. This lavish and rich fabric will be spotted in street fashion with stylish pants, tops, shawls etc. Bright colors will add to its exquisiteness. If you want to show up this winter season, select this fabric for different occasions or casual wear. If you want a classy look in daytime, pair velvet trouser with plain sweater or shirt. For evening events you can go for velvet shawls or shirts.

Balloon Sleeves

Balloon Sleeves 1

The focus of fashion market is on sleeves this year. Signature styles for sleeves will be common in winters also. Balloon sleeves are a new trend for this fall 2020. These sleeves are unusual in shape and style, so they give a different look to your outfit. These sleeves catch attention and make your dress outstanding. The balloon shaped sleeves are designed with tight cuffs to give a modern look to your dressing.

Ruffle designs

Ruffle designs 2

The theme for winter season is to add more frill to your clothes. If you want a stylish winter look try ruffle dresses to have a feminine and artistic touch. These dresses go perfect for evening events. These designs will give you a softer and aesthetic look.

Apart from these designs you can always try your own way to embellish yourself. You need to carry your style with confidence. This will make you the stunner at any occasion.