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Latest Fashion Trends Nail Color Fall 2019

 Latest Fashion Trends Nail Color Fall 2019

Shifting seasons gives us a great reason to try out new colors for nails. The luxurious, glossy colors are ideal for winter season. You can try a dark colors in this season, and certainly feel the winter vibes. This fall the trend for nail color is back to basics with traditional and classy shades of colors as remarked by Jin Soon Choi an expert of nail and owner of nail salon in New York City.

Blue Chrome

Chrome gives a rich turquoise finishing which looks more chic and gives a sophisticated feeling. It is a fabulous shade of blue that seems wonderful on every skin tone. The chrome nails fashion is popular on the internet for the past few months. It is one of the most admired and outstanding look of manicures which modernized the nail game. It seems to be stunning, outstanding, and lavish.  The style is easy and economical to get.

Heavy Glitters

Most of the ladies love glitter nail polish.  It is available in a diverse range of nail polishes.

Deep Blood Red

The deep blood red is popular in fall campaigns and fashion shows. This is a lavish, dark shade with a turn on the traditional bright red color. Although this is not the fastest selling color, still most popular choice of different people. Different shades of blood red color are always in trend. Just like a red lipstick shade, this nail color is eternal.

Opaque Neutral

You can try a nail polish with an opaque tone rather than neutral color which gives a shimmery or sheer finish. Ladies, you can choose a color tone that has is slightly in contrast to your skin color. A shade that does not matches with it perfectly. It is suggested that this sand-colored, fresh, cool shade, rightly named “Sandbar”. this is pleasing and suitable for all occasions as it is ideal for all types of skin. You can apply multiple layers To get accurate opaque. This is a shade that will be fantastic with any outfit.

Smoky Teal

This color is a midway shade, because the color blue in it is ideal for summer season however, its darker tone can be suitable for cold weather. Smoky Teal nail color having shimmering look gives the soothing and traditional feeling with impressive and outstanding style. This is estimated as the shade fashion in this fall. A smoky nail polish in the typical hue gives the relaxing, model, lavish and distinctive quality. Smoky Teal is similar to smoky gray and off-blue shade. The Teal explains the blue teal, which is the mixture of blue and green color with darker tone.

 White or Black

Select from each end of the shade range and feel wonderful with a white tone or deep black one. The shades of black and white are becoming popular and look perfectly classy and stylish.

Metallic Jewel Tones


These colors are the ideal merge of innovative and traditional.  Gemstone shades are trendy colors in the autumn. By adding metallic you can give your nails a complete innovative appearance. You can get a shade of dark purple to enhance your look.



Silver color with Shimmery tone shines and reflects different colors in varying light. This   will absolutely illuminate your nail.

Hot Red color

Hot red color is actually fashionable, and this is a color which gives a wonderful look to every skin color because of its bright shade. This nail polish is an ever-lasting classic. Glossy, bright, bold red shade suits on every person.