Now a day’s fashion industry is one of the fastest emerging industries around the world. Due to massive competition fashion is rapidly changing and bringing something new and exciting to us. Fashion experts are in a race of bringing something that is unique and totally new to the industry. Talking about the latest trends in fashion, that have just been arrived after a long endless seeming summer, there is a vast color and styling variety.

Trends in colors

Purple is the trending color and also the color of the year. But with the arrival of fall, yellow and mustard are the dominating ones. Teal (greenish blue) is favorite of many leading brands this fall. Lilac, dusty red, burnt orange, cream and forest green are must have colors in wardrobe to keep the fashion game up. But oops, surprisingly black is not in the list of must-have colors.

Trends in clothes

Animal prints are never out of fashion and add up to perfect fall dresses this year. Leopard print, snakeskin, zebra stripes, and tiger stripes are designs to play with while choosing dresses. Floral silk dresses and slip tank should not be forgotten as these are staples for this fall. Tops with different colored prints are the talk of the town. Plaid cropped tops and tartan skirts can step up your looks. Jeans are never out of fashion, so is in this fall. Latest trend is more likely the street style dressing. But within the fashion industry the biggest addition is the more sparkly and glittery dressing, that most of the celebrities are following.
In menswear plaid bomber jackets, track pants, stripe sweaters and stripe jeans are popular in smart wardrobe. Light blue shirts, long sleeve Henley and denim shirts give sleek and sophisticated look. Jumpers and hoodies are real styles that are never out of must have list and so are this fall.

Trends in shoes

So with the arrival of fall, sandals and tip toes are switched to foot-wears that are cozy and stylish at same time. Ankle boots and slouch boots give a classy and sassy look. Sneakers and loafers are coolest trends of this fall that can refine the look of outfit. Sneakers can be paired with casual outfit. White sneakers are not out of scene this fall and are finest fashion for both men and women. Loafer works great with jeans and dress. It seems red and animal patterns are instant gratification for fashion lovers. Brown leather boots have become name of fashion game by replacing black. One can opt brown boots without hesitation, this season to make a loud fashion statement.

Trends in bags

The trends in bags that girls will be obsessing in this fall season are not the clutches. Latest fashion is bringing something different like the furry bags and the box bags that are going to excite the fashion lovers more this season. Top handle bag, draw string bag, belt bag are at list of those who embrace style. Snakeskin and animal print bags can elevate look and up the fashion statement effortlessly.