Gender Neutral Clothing

Fashion industry all over the world is breaking glass ceiling of societal standards by deviating from customary ideas. Fashion experts keep trying their hand in bizarre things to grab attention of the masses. Few of these turn out as huge success and few fails to impress people.
Fashion trends are no longer dictated by societal norms. Clothing is no more seen as a gender signifies. It is preferred not to label dresses as menswear and women swear. Fashion brands are launching fashion lines with dresses that are not overtly feminine or masculine. Floral blouses, skinny jeans, loose fitting suits, vibrant funky clothes are now available for both men and women. Now boys can opt for shirts with pink stripes or floral jackets and girls can go for black, blue or brown colored shirts having car or truck motifs. People are accepting that dress choices can be made outside the box and gender is not something that restrict or dictate what is appropriate to wear.
Many leading brands are introducing gender neutral clothing. Zara, M&H, Gucci are few famous names among many others that are trying their hand in gender neutral clothing. Many celebrities are also rebelling gender norms by opting gender neutral fashion. Zyan Malik and Gigi Hadid , Jaden Smith, David Bowie, Justin Bieber are huge names that are promoting gender neutral clothing. Idea of Gender neutral in clothing, have received mixed response from people. Many people welcomed this idea as it do not limit self expression and gives you opportunity to freely choose what to wear .Some people backlash this concept with argument that it cause confusion among children about gender identity.