Fashion colors of the year 2019

Everybody love colors. Life would be so dull without them. There are countless numbers of colors and each one of them is beautiful in it’s own way. We wear colors according to our taste and complexion and trend. The year 2018 brings you the most trendy colors from which you choose to stay up-to-date. Not a lot of people have the knowledge about colors and how to carry them. Colors define you vividly and portrays your traits and nature very prominently. Here are some extraordinary colors to make you look flawless and flattering:

Ceyan yellow

One of the most beautiful and energizing colors. Cyan yellow made its way to the top trendy colors of the year 2018. A wonderful pop of this yellow is essential for this year. Full of life, this color stands out in the midst of other colors.


This color is rich and vibrant. People don’t dare to wear this color as it doesn’t go with every complexion. Such a color shout out loud the way you roll. It is a statement color one must have

Tangerine/Russet orange

Orange is a very daring color of all. This is the color a very few people dare to wear and it has made itself to the top trendy colors of 2018.

Valiant Poppy

Among all the reds, valiant poppy leads its way to the top. A very attractive and beautiful color that adds passion and confidence to your personality. It’s bold and elegant.


A color that never loses its charm whatever the circumstances. An elegant, decent yet one of the most attractive colors. Not liked by a lot of people as it is mostly associated with old people. Youth doesn’t like wearing such light colors but what they are not familiar with is that there is no restrictions to colors and age. Anyone can wear any color.

Red pear

Another tone of red has made its way to the top colors. Not very vibrant nor too dark, a perfect color for an evening out, dinner, party and weddings. It’s a romantic, passionate and bold color. Don’t forget to add this up in your wardrobe.

Nebula blue

A not so very commonly wore color, still one of the most rich and pretty blue. A must-to-add in the wardrobe and kill it by wearing it this fall.

Quetzal green

Again not a very common but brilliantly flamboyant. People are not familiar with a lot of colors and they just wear whatever they find appealing. It is one of the most calm and serene color to wear this year.


One of the most ignored color yet a very pretty one in its own way. This is the most trendy color for this fall. It is the fall color of year 2018. Believe it or not, it’s loved by millions of people. Don’t forget to khaki color and stay bold and beautiful.