Fall fashion trends for 2019

The weather is changing and in a few days, we’ll be making space for our autumn and winter clothes, shoes, accessories etc. We can that the stores have started selling winter and autumn clothes and shoes. Many of you will be thinking of adding new pieces to your wardrobe and to freshen up your style. It would be the right time to tell you about the upcoming autumn and winter fashion trends for 2018-2019. Here are the few things that will freshen up your whole wardrobe and style.

Shoulder pads

There seems to be a revival from 80’s which is wide shoulders. A lot designers have used this in their new autumn/winter collections. Wide shoulders will be seen a lot time of the year. These are used in dresses, jackets, and other clothing items including the ones for the official use.

Dark and Dense

This fall, the theme is going to be darker in shade. Tones will be warmer and denser. Make sure to add dark toned clothes as well as the most trendy colors of fall, including marigold, quetzal green, dusty and nebula blue tones in your collection.

Brown is the new black

This fall, designers have taken the shades of brown color to a high level. A whole collection was displayed in complete brown shades, from clothes to the shoes and accessories, everything was in brown. Brown is definitely going to be the new black this winter.


Another thing which is going to be in trend for this fall is layering. I’m not talking about just layering but over-layering and that means 5 to 6 layers or maybe even more. That is, for sure, going to keep us warm.


One of the old cultures have been brought into light this fall and that is knitwear. Sophisticated, oversized, chunky knitwear will be seen a lot this winter. The print of the knitwear will be the same as it was before. There won’t be any glam to it. It will be worn in its true self.

Statement jewellery

Statement jewellery: This time, the clothes are not all glittery or sparkly but very basic and simple, so to make your ordinary basic pieces look extraordinary, wear statement jewellery e.g. a big necklace with colorful stones. Add earrings if needed and some classic rings to your look.

Mid-calf boots

Not the cowboy boots, but these mid-calf boots have just hit the ramp by a few designers and this will be on trend. These are available in a lot of colors, so you can choose your own favorite.


The color red will have made itself back this year and will keep on making you look stunning and gorgeous. Take out the reds from last year and dust them off to wear it this winter.

Animal prints

Various designers have again introduced animal prints for this year’s winter collection including heels, shoes, coats, dresses and bags. Cross-match any two animal prints, make a pair and kill it with style.

Bucket bags

A new style introduced in bags are the bucket bags. These will totally be rocking this autumn’s every look.


A new style introduced in bags are the bucket bags. These will totally be rocking this autumn’s every look.

Western culture

Designers have brought in the western culture for a fresh sight. A variety of western dresses can be seen in the stores and they’re super comfortable to wear.