Desi Fashion Trends in USA 2019

When we use the term fashion something that is popular or stylish flashes in our mind. We start thinking of the clothes, footwear and other accessories that are really popular and people are fond of, because this is what we calls a fashion trend !
So yes, fashion trends are what is hip or super popular in a particular time. Let’s talk about all the Desi in USA and the trends they are following in 2018.
In spite of living in US desi never ever compromise on the Desi fashion. Most of the people still love traditional Desi lifestyle and on and off go for it.


Both men and women love to wear Shalwar kameez for a comfortable desi look. 2018 has brought back the fashion of short kameez and heavy shalwar’s for women and all the desi out there seem to love this trend. When it comes to occasions most importantly weddings girls are crazy for lehnga choli of bright colors with gotti. Also there is a crazy group for saris. Full embroiderd velvet shawls or shawls with Kashmir hand embroidery are the things to die for.
Men are fond of different color kurtas contrasted with white shalwars. A little embroidery on the kurtas is what desi men are loving. Kurta paired with jeans is new popular style. Poor men! they have limited options. Kurta shalwar and sometimes modern dhoti with kurtas are what they go for on occasions. But thanks to the latest trend waistcoat on kurta is the new addition. Some go for pajamas to give whole attire a more desi touch.


The addition of hijab with the desi dressing gives an elegant look. The new trends of head covering with an addition of lovely brooch makes it classier. These styles also include the addition of a jewelry piece for giving a crowing look. Even a simple hijab looks alluring when given a crown design on forehead. But the unique style of this time that is getting popular is the Pagdi hijab. Wearing hijab with western dresses such as jeans shirt is a proof of acculturation.


With the desi dressing how can these desi people compromise on the footwear. Women go for sandals for comfort. But shiny high heels are what’s in. Girls are also loving the block heel sandals. But to make it desi and classy khusa is the love of all times. The new printed and floral khusa give a lovely look with all kinds of attire and are popular among desi females living in US
For men the kheri chappal is a must to give them a desi and handsome look. The adult likes to go for loafers.

Desi Weddings

Desi weddings are also becoming one of the popular trends in US. Taking a look at the desi weddings, the food, the dressing and the dances and bhangras on the loud music, everything in these weddings is traditional yet trendy. These weddings are nothing less than a festival. Even some white who people get fascinated by desi weddings go opt for traditional desi wedding style.