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    Jacket trends for this winter


    One of the most important piece of clothing and something which can add extra style is none other than jacket. Everybody loves having at least one classic piece of it. Jackets are available in a variety of style, prints, lengths, designs and fabric. Among such a variety, it is difficult to choose as you invest […] More

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    Fall fashion trends for 2019


    The weather is changing and in a few days, we’ll be making space for our autumn and winter clothes, shoes, accessories etc. We can that the stores have started selling winter and autumn clothes and shoes. Many of you will be thinking of adding new pieces to your wardrobe and to freshen up your style. […] More

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    Fashion colors of the year 2019


    Everybody love colors. Life would be so dull without them. There are countless numbers of colors and each one of them is beautiful in it’s own way. We wear colors according to our taste and complexion and trend. The year 2018 brings you the most trendy colors from which you choose to stay up-to-date. Not […] More

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    Gender Neutral Clothing


    Fashion industry all over the world is breaking glass ceiling of societal standards by deviating from customary ideas. Fashion experts keep trying their hand in bizarre things to grab attention of the masses. Few of these turn out as huge success and few fails to impress people.Fashion trends are no longer dictated by societal norms. […] More

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    Desi Fashion Trends in USA 2019


    When we use the term fashion something that is popular or stylish flashes in our mind. We start thinking of the clothes, footwear and other accessories that are really popular and people are fond of, because this is what we calls a fashion trend !So yes, fashion trends are what is hip or super popular […] More